Exterior Home Lighting System

Exterior landscaping lighting is a great way to add curb appeal to your home and can be a great safety feature as well. For many new houses, exterior landscaping lighting is a pretty common feature. However, many older homes were not built with this option leaving homeowners to decide on their own how and where they’d like to illuminate their home. Here’s a quick rundown on some options to help you choose what’s best for your home!

Doorway Lights

This is the most basic lighting option. These lights can be mounted directly to the home or on the ceiling if the home has a porch. They are great for illuminating front steps and providing a welcoming environment for visitors. These lights are often installed on either side of a garage door too! Doorway lights also serve as a deterrent for anyone who might be looking to break into a backdoor that might otherwise be dark. Because these lights require being wired into the home’s electrical system they are best installed by a certified electrician.

Walkway lights

Walkway lights are a great option for illuminating a footpath or walkway to a front door or even a driveway. While they don’t typically throw a lot of light on the house itself, they help homeowners and visitors know where to walk (or park) even on the darkest nights. Better yet, many walkway lights are available using solar power. This means there is no wiring work necessary and homeowners can simply stake the lights into the ground wherever they think is most appropriate.

Motion Sensitive Floodlights

Motion triggered lights are primarily used for security purposes, though they can come in handy when taking out the garbage late in the evening too! These are great for backyards or detached garages. The sensitivity of the sensors can be customized to ensure that the lights don’t come on each time a leaf blows by!

Cosmetic Lighting Systems

While these lighting systems are great for security too, their primary purpose is to highlight the beauty of the home. They are typically a series of floodlights installed in front flowerbeds with their light directed back toward the home. As these systems are usually hardwired into the home’s electrical system, it’s best to have an electrician install them. Also, a professional lighting company can help determine where and how to place the lights in order to highlight the best features of the home.

Choosing lights for the outside of your home can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! Hopefully this guide takes some of the mystery out of the options. Next step, call a lighting company if you have questions about how to best use exterior lights to increase the curb appeal of your home!