How to Host a Proper Housewarming Party

Whenever someone gets a new place, it can be nice to invite family, friends, or colleagues over as a means of celebration. Hosting a small party of sorts can get you feeling good in your new place while also having an excuse to see family and friends you may have not seen in awhile.

With that said, there are still a few small things you can do to make your guests feel at home, too, when hosting a housewarming party.

Make sure there’s available parking and your guests know the parking plan.

One of the biggest things any host can do for their guests is to make sure there’s a parking plan. While a lot of family events involve a parking free for all, having a housewarming party for friends and colleagues is a bit different in that everyone may not know one another. You don’t want guests feeling trapped simply because their vehicle is trapped in by someone they don’t know. Get a good idea as to who is staying longer and who will be leaving earlier, and plan around that. That way, no one feels uncomfortable asking someone else to move their vehicle so they can leave.

Have enough snacks, finger foods, and drinks for everyone.

Whether you choose to prepare a charcuterie board with unique accoutrements or you’re content with whipping up a bowl of salsa and cheese with plenty of chips, make sure there’s enough for everyone. It’s always better to have too much at these sorts of gatherings so that no one is left hungry or empty-handed. Besides, half the point of finger foods isn’t to fill the bellies of your guests; rather, it’s so they have something in their hands preoccupying them in case they’re not in deep conversation with other people. (This is why alcoholic drinks are typically provided, too.)

Give a tour.

When all of your guests are arrived, it may not be a bad idea to give a toast proper highlighting your relationship with them all (not individually, of course) and thanking them for showing up to your new abode. Following this, a tour of your new place would make sense considering they’re there for your new home. Obviously, if you have a gaggle of people following you down narrow corridors here and there, it may be better to break up the tour into smaller groups or skip the thing entirely.


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